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We are looking for artistic proposals for our OPEN CALL SPIRALE POÉTIK - IN MOVEMENTDuring Park Poétik's arts summer, artists are given free rein in the streets of Saint-Gilles and Forest. This year we will be working on the theme :"WHAT MEANS TOGETHER?

We invite artists to create an intervention around this theme or propose an existing project.
With Spirale Poétik we will move to streets and squares and through pop-up and/or moving interventions we will sow poetry wherever possible. Help us build a summer of surprise, wonder and experimentation for all, with an act, performance, installation or parade.

Participatory projects are more than welcome! Within the theme "WHAT MEANS TOGETHER?" we are looking for projects that make audiences think about this question and/or invite them to act together, to make a collective gesture.

Looking for inspiration? We already polled the summer dreams of residents, volunteers and partners. You can find them in this >> CLOUD OF WORDS

In addition, Park Poétik offers some tools you can get started with:
- The Cuistax à Gogo is an eco-mobile 🚲 sound system that allows you to seek out audiences with a performance or concert;
- The Bathtub on Wheels is a playful mobile mini-pool around which you can build an intervention with or around water;
- The Arbres Poétik carts and planks allow you to build a small, mobile base on the stree in no time.
- The transparent Caravan
>> Infos + photos

Fancy getting started with one of the ideas from the CLOUD OF WORDS or one of the tools and putting your own artistic stamp on it? Or are you thinking of another project that fits perfectly within this call?

>> Form ✍️

~~We are looking for 🔎
//Inspiring and surprising acts, pop-up actions and enchanting shows
//Moving performances and parades along streets and squares
//Interactive installations and participatory workshops
... that capture the imagination within the theme 'WHAT MEANS TOGETHER'?
... which, as part of the concept of 'SPIRAL POÉTIK', spread poetry widely in the streets, which are in motion. Think of interventions possible in different places, moving through the streets, moving audiences or audiences watching you move. All creative interpretations are welcome!

~~For whom? 👥
Individuals, artists, collectives, associations. Anyone can apply.

~~Conditions 🤝
// The project takes place mainly in the municipalities of Forest and Saint-Gilles.
// The project can take place outdoors in the public space (in case of extreme weather conditions, modification of time or dates may be considered).
// The project is open to all residents and passers-by and in no way excludes people.
// The project will take place in the summer of 2023, between July 1st and August 27th, preferably on Wednesdays and Saturdays, at any time of day (we will adjust the schedule in consultation with you and according to the target audience).
// It is organized within the regulations of the competent authorities and order services.

~~Criteria ✨
// Does the project fit within the theme WHAT MEANS TOGETHER?
// Does the project fit within the SPIRALE concept: is it aimed at a wide dissemination of poetry in the streetscape? Is the project 'pop-up' deployable in different locations ? Is the project in motion?
// Is the project appropriate and attuned to public space? How does the project relate to its surroundings? What form(s) of interaction does the project enable?
// Is the project productionally feasible? Our preference is for logistical simplicity: proposals that do not require electricity connections, that require limited or minimal construction, that do not require streets to be closed, etc.
// Are the project proposal, commitment and time investment of participants and budget balanced? // Is the project original and surprising? Does it capture the imagination?
// Does the project pay attention sustainability and respect for the environment, for example by promoting the use of recycled materials and soft mobility?

~~The budget 💰
Park Poétik allocates a budget of €150 to €1500 per project, all costs included, including VAT. You apply for:
// A small intervention (time investment max. 1 day, with limited material cost) : max. €500
// Programming of an existing project: €1500 max.
// Creation of a new project in the framework of Park Poétik: max. €2500 euro
Partnerships and co-productions with contribution of other resources are allowed and encouraged.

⏰ Deadline to apply: 26/03 incl.
📩 You will hear from us in mid-April.
Questions / help desk
0484 96 41 71

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