TWOOOOOTER participatory atelier seeks participants

16 May, 2023 | News

TWOOOOOTER is a spectacle in co-creation

based on hidden resources, underground creatures, urban stories, mythology and self-submergence


What are we going to create?

theatre: script, stagecraft, costumes, characters,...
music and singing

Led by KNEPH, an artistic studio for insiders and outsiders where profound artistic processes can be realised through idiosyncratic reflection and multimedia action.


When? Where? And for whom?

17 > 23/07/23
in Maxima, Rue du Monténegro 144, 1190 Forest

Fiesta Poétik: 23th of July Place Bethlehem
Fiesta Poétik: 26th of August/ Avenue du Roi

__voor tutti, alle leeftijden/tous âges
all languages



__register for engagement all week
mail to


More info

0487 24 84 05

Park Poétik
Lisa Pleysier
0495 48 51 41

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