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Park Marconi


Park Marconi
Near Chaussée d'Alsemberg 296, 1190 Forest


5 July, 2024


15:00 - 20:00

Mini Fiesta – Circus & Radio

★ 10 x Free, festive afternoons for everyone! 

Flyer all the mini-fiesta


Radio Poétik will be there to create a blueprint of your neighborhood. We go live at 6 p.m., but we'll be there from 3 p.m. and are curious to hear your story. Come and join us. There is music, there are workshops and the poetry of the city is never far away.

15:30 – 17:00 Workshop "Bastard.e.s of Park Poétik" by Precy Numbi. Dance along around the totem of "Transmigration". A beautiful ritual around connection, being on the move and multi-voicedness. This activity is open to children and adults.



Radio Poétik is a live radio broadcast from a blue caravan. Musical, moving and fun. Come and have your say!


19:00 SPECTACLE : Jordi Vidal – Alamor

(see cover photo)

Non verbal. Universal theme. For everybody from the age of 7
Length: 30 minuten

"Alamor" is an original and touching dance and puppet show about an extraordinary encounter.
With the two protagonists and the puppet, Jordi Vidal travels with tenderness through a dreamy universe, of joy and conflict, dreams and humour.
The music resonates with the images in an intimate dance of emotion

More about the artist: http://www.jordilvidal.net/


19:30 SPECTACLE : Rosslyn Whytes & Maria Dueñas – Listening to the trees with eyes wide open

Dance performance for all ages 
Duration: 30 minutes

Listen to the Trees with your Eyes Wide Open... is a contemporary dance performance about creating connection. Together we meet, feel and listen in a performative journey that exudes a shared community experience. We explore the depth of softness that nourishes, supports, expands, collapses, lifts, grows and leans. Within this softness lies an antidote to our individualistic society.

Listen to the Trees with your Eyes Wide Open... is a special invitation to reconnect with our interdependent nature.

More about the artist: https://rozwythes.wixsite.com/dance

Please note: no bar will be provided. Please bring your own drink 😉

▲▲ In collaboration with Commune de Forest & Zinneke Parade (Bastard.e.s van Park Poétik).



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