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Square Jacques Franck


Square Jacques Franck
1060 Saint-Gilles


14 - 17 August, 2024


16:00 - 19:00

Lang van Stof – Mirthe Dokter

★ Street residence, free and for everyone! ★


Street residence for all ages
Duration: 4 afternoons of 3 hours


The public space is a canvas. Steal it, own it, paint it.

We all walk across the same square. Step by step. Imagine you have paint on your feet: what kind of painting are we all making and what imprint do you want to leave? How will you leave your own imprint, your ‘trace’, your colour, your wish? The square belongs to everyone, including you. We paint the story of the square on a gigantic canvas in a hundred coloured layers. Then we tear it apart and divide it, sew it into garlands. Our wishes, imprint, identity, as decoration of the square.

So give us a hand, get your own piece of the square and add your colour!

More about the artist: www.mirthedokter.nl

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