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Square Jordens


Square Jordens
Montenegrostraat 4, 1060 Sint-Gillis


19 June, 2024


16:00 - 19:00

The archive we live in – Laura Oriol

Square Charles Jordens – listening to a neighbourhood

‘The archive we live in’ is a participatory project that aims to make visible the archive of stories that inhabit both people and places. By recording stories and testimonies, an audio archive is created, shared and transformed.

What stories inhabit a neighbourhood?
What forgotten stories reside there?
Who are the people behind these stories?
Have they been passed on or lost?
What do new residents not know about the area?
How can we bring these memories back to life?

We live in this world through the stories that surround us and the traces left by others. We live and build ourselves within these archives. ‘The archive we live in’ at square Jordens aims to make visible and share the forgotten, unknown and perhaps even hidden stories that inhabit it.

The 1st stage of the project will involve gathering stories from local residents. These stories will then be edited and broadcast on Park Poetik radio. (3 July 2024) Then, a flag-making workshop (10 July 2024) will transform the stories so that a few phrases, messages and symbols can exist in the neighbourhood.


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