Home Program performance The Magnificent 4 – Cie Wooshing Machine


1190 Vorst


27 July, 2024


20:00 - 21:00

The Magnificent 4 – Cie Wooshing Machine

★ Suprise, for free and for all ! ★


The Magnifient 4 is a wonderful choreographic performance.

Four characters sit on four chairs in different parts of the public space. They spontaneously launch into a rhythmic and choreographic ritual that involves clapping on their thighs and hands. Modulated by a subtle but gradual shift, the ritual becomes the echo of the city, ultimately leading to a liberating and jubilant frenzy.

On a square, in a street, on a market… come and let yourself be carried away by the surprises, the intimacy and the humour of The Magnificent 4.

More about the theatre company: www.wooshingmachine.com

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