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Place Saint-Denis


Place Saint-Denis
1190 Forest


10 July, 2024


16:00 - 19:00

Heart Attack ! – Victorine Pasman

★ Suprise, for free and for all ! ★


Heart Attack! is a heartwarming performance where you are invited to open your heart to a stranger.

As a messenger of love, the lady in the huge skirt sends out her accomplices, the half-hearts, into the audience. Each person chooses an individual and asks them a straightforward question: What is overflowing in your heart? Or: What is your heart's desire? If the person is prepared to talk about it with a complete stranger, a meeting is arranged in the dress. The lady comes down to welcome her guests.

The mission of this performance: two strangers meet and get to know each other. Spread the love!

More about the artist: www.victorinepasman.nl
Heart Attack ! has also played at Milkshake Festival, Georgies Wundergarten, Wonderfeel Festival, Olala Festival (AT), Groninger Museum and Duizel in the Park, among others.

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