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Parvis St.-Gilles


Parvis St.-Gilles
Sint-Gillis Voorplein


13 July, 2024


16:00 - 19:00

The Dancing Bubble – Alessandra Scarpuzza

★ Suprise, for free and for all ! ★


Alessandra Scarpuzza’s ‘Dancing Bubble’ invites you to move and dance as you please.

Participants wear headphones on which carefully chosen music and a voice can be heard. The headphones create a bubble where you can cut yourself off from noise pollution, while your body gets a chance to express itself and let off steam. The voice guides your movements.

Experience this sensory experience that (re)connects you with yourself and others through dance and movement.

More about the artist: @the.dancing.bubble (Insta)


▲▲ In collaboration with GC Pianofabriek

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