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240601 - Parade Poétik © Heidi_28-min
240601 - Parade Poétik © Heidi_30-min
240601 - Parade Poétik © Heidi_35-min
240601 - Parade Poétik © Heidi_104-min
2406001 - Parade Poétik © Dounia Mojahid_71-min
Park Poétik 2024 is begonnen!
2406001 - Parade Poétik © Dounia Mojahid_132-min
2406001 - Parade Poétik © Dounia Mojahid_185-min
2406001 - Parade Poétik © Dounia Mojahid_196-min
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Poétik je mee?


From 1 June to 24 August 2024, Park Poétik will once again sprinkle free poetry on the streets of Forest and Saint-Gilles (Brussels). 
What means "together"?
We seek encounter through artistic interventions in the public space. Parades, street theatre, participatory street residencies, circus, neighbourhood radio, fiesta, surprises ... and so much more wonder!


Are you a dreamer?

Together, artists, residents and local cultural organisations, will roll up their sleeves to offer you a programme of workshops, interactive shows, concerts, visual installations and parades. So open your eyes and ears for parades and street theatre that will take you like poetic spirals to jump, walk, dance and dream... ! Do you want to twirl with us? Everyone is welcome!

We encourage everyone with a heart for Saint-Gilles and Forest to participate and make their voices heard! By dreaming together and joining forces, we will colour the streets and squares a little differently each week, so that we can continue to amaze each other and visitors to our communities.

What is your dream and what does your Brussels utopia look like? Do you know your neighbours?  Are you a crazy person but have nowhere to go? Take a look at our calls for participation or maybe you would like to volunteer? Give us a call and we will dream on together!

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