For a summer we sow wonder on streets, squares and in parks to create an explosion of impressions and reactions. There are different participation strategies used to be able to use the more than 100 poetic interventions  to focus on different types of encounters. We use the participation continuum that was developed by Demos and where each strategy has a different approach to how you can engage audiences; from purely coincidental to deliberate, from participation to co-creating and making space.

By focusing on different participation strategies during the summer of arts, we increase the chance of actively involving the public. The concepts are also developed in function of the environment and the public present. We mainly work with Park Poétik place-oriented, so we look for the public where it is, especially in public space. This approach is strong threshold lowering making us a super diverse target group can appeal to and involve people who live in social vulnerability. We are very aware that people in frailty are often devoid of culture and wonder.

The corona crisis has sharpened this once again, which confirms that we are
people have to break a lance. Our target group is therefore a socio-demographic reflection of the neighborhoods in which we will be working. Through the participatory and inclusive approach of spreading poetry, the public space becomes an artistic meeting place and we bring the arts closer to home, seeking answers to issues such as: Who is entitled to culture? Who is entitled to a city? Who is art made for? Who is excluded? Who is forgotten? Who is not represented? Participating in cultural life is not self-evident for everyone, which is why we want to put cultural participation for a wide audience at the heart of our objectives.

By our radically deploy public mediation on small encounters we succeed in reaching a wider and even more diverse audience and hope to be able to involve them. Through the dialogue we seek we give residents a voice and listen to their dreams so that they too can participate in Park Poétik. We want to do this as inclusively as possible so that people who are vulnerable are also entitled to culture.

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