Fertile Soil

Park Poétik creates a space for sharing that brings people together around a common narrative, develops talents to make a city together, a city dreamed and built collectively.




All those who design Park Poétik and are involved in brainstorming sessions and the elaboration of the poetic interventions are called the "dreamcatchers". They start working after the summer and work out new or adapted dreams on the basis of previous edition(s) and determine the theme and the line of content for the next edition in order to guarantee coherence. This process takes over 6 months. They also reach out to new or oldcomers. The "dreamcatchers" are believers in the power of participatory work and form a motley but non-exclusive group of artists, locals, volunteers, socio-cultural organisations and local authorities.

The "dreamcatchers" group works organically and remains open and accessible to anyone who wants to contribute to the collective story. As the process progresses, working groups are set up around certain poetic interventions with a similar participatory approach or form. In this way, different concepts emerge that are, in turn, further elaborated. The "concept makers" choose which concept they want to commit to. The coordination team acts as a guardian of the participative process and wants to contribute to talent development and offer opportunities for people to grow (coaching, training, temporary employment, etc.). The incubator is the beating heart of Park Poétik to create social impact.

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