All those who shape Park Poétik, who participate in the brainstorming sessions and in the development of the poetic interventions are called the "dreamcatchers".They get to work in the fall, after the summer, to develop new dreams, or to adapt projects that have been implemented on the basis of the previous edition(s). They also determine the theme and guidelines for the next edition to ensure consistency. It gathers as much the newcomers as well as to the people who participated in the previous editions.

The "dreamcatchers" rely on the strength of participatory work, they are a diverse, but not exclusive, group of artists, residents, volunteers, socio-cultural organizations and local authorities. This group of "dreamcatchers" works organically and is open and accessible to anyone who wishes to contribute to the collective narrative. As the process progresses, smaller working groups are formed around specific interventions or themes that will implement the same participatory approach.
Thus, different "concepts" emerge and are in turn developed.

Then, "concept makers" choose the concept they want to engage in. Park Poétik coordination's team acts as a guardian of the participatory process and guides the small working groups, thus contributing in a gentle way to the development of the talents and desires of each individual. This can go as far as offering opportunities for deeper involvement to interested people (coaching, training, temporary employment...). This form of incubator is the beating heart of Park Poétik because it allows to create a social impact....

Dreaming of the next Park Poetik?

Send an e-mail to com@parkpoetik.be and stay tuned for the next Dreamcatching meeting. You can come and have a look without any obligation!



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