Manifest Poétik : our dream

Park Poétik dreams of a city full of wonder that connects people in the street and where everyone has a right to this wonder. We depart from a Manifest that contains our most important values.


How do we want to realise this dream?

Park Poétik functions as a pool of enthusiasts who dream of using the public space as a meeting place and who want to engage with a large group of people through a variety of poetic interventions. Park Poétik seeks out the public where they are and allows them to participate in the project. The dream of Park Poétik culminates in a summer of participatory art that inspires and sows and, thanks to its fertile soil, spreads throughout the city.

What do we focus on and how do we do it?

Four elements form the foundations of our dream and our actions: the fertile soil, the meeting place, the city laboratory and the mycelium.

Different languages

We already have our manifesto in many languages, but would you like to add another language? Please send an email to

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More about Park Poetik's philosophy

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