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SPIRALE (Circuit)


6 July, 2022

Être chorégraphe

"Being a Choreographer": a collaboration towards a choreographic act. A project based on a dialogue between a professional dancer who proposes to play the role of "novice choreographer" to people with no previous experience of theater, dance or performance (casual passers-by or local residents). The project investigates the possibilities of contextualizing dance and thinking about movement in terms of meaning.

Idée originale/danseuse : Carolina Mantovano
Musique / Composition musicale instantanée : Ricardo Depine
Réalisation / Caméraman : Joaquin Breton

  • Nesten & Spirale


    We zwermen uit als vogels, vreemde vogels rare creaturen, figuren, … niet alleen raar/vreemd van uitzicht, maar vooral raar/vreemd van actie! SPIRALE brengt heel wat verrassingen in de stad. Ze vliegen rond in Sint-Gillis, Vorst & …

    The location and the time of the SPIRALE often remain a surprise, so encountering these Strange Birds will be more of a coincidence. Can you see them flying?

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