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Park Marconi


Park Marconi
Near Chaussée d'Alsemberg 296, 1190 Forest


6 - 7 August, 2022


16:00 - 18:00

Radio Mbote

4.00 pm > 6.00 pm

On Wednesday July 03, Radio Mbote will come to Nest Marconi to collect words, testimonies and sounds….. On Saturday July 06 and Sunday July 07, the radio will come from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. to present a live broadcast. During this open stage, we will talk about La Poëteek, the Nest Marconi, the artists and the people who participated in the project and who live near Marconi Park!

Launched on 30 June 2013, Radio Mbote aims to give a voice to the African community. The word Mbote, which means “hello” in Lingala (a language spoken in the Congo Basin), is used here as the link between Africa and the host country(ies). Sharing is the key word of the media and therefore all suggestions and proposals for collaboration aimed at the development of Radio Mbote are ardently desired and welcome.

(In French)

  • Park Poétik Concept

    • NEST Marconi

      29/07 – 12/08

      This year Park Poétik will be once again in Parc Marconi! The result of a beautiful collaboration between numerous associations of Forest, artists and inhabitants of the district, #NestMarconi will offer all generations of the public, children, adults and seniors, creative activities. Everybody welcome to dream, have fun and build together.

      The various workshops, convivial moments, shows and concerts will be based on the concept of the Poethèque, the office of urban collectors, in which everyone will be invited to collaborate and to discover this magnificent little urban park from a new perspective.

      Meer Nest Marconi

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