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Park Poétik


Marais, Vorst
Luttrebruglaan, 1190 Vorst


6 July, 2023



History of waste in the WIELS Marsh

Spokesperson for the Marais Wiels Moeras non-profit organization, Geneviève Kinet is one of the many Fé.e.s who, since 2015, have been cherishing, maintaining, observing, living, sharing, accompanying... the lake, its surroundings and their human and non-human inhabitants. Prior to the purchase by the Region (which still intends to drain a good part of it to build on), the Fé.e.s created "Crade Parties", clean-up sessions, every Sunday in 2019. This is how the collective power of the people came together with the power of water to create the Wiels Marsh.

Today, as in any other public space, unfortunately, people sometimes "forget" their garbage on the lawns, along the sidewalk and occasionally in the water. But there are so many more interesting things to talk about in this refuge, a common ground between the urban and the natural, created by a flood (liquid waste?) on the ruins of a brewery industry. She'd be delighted to meet you and talk about it all!

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