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    Julie Chloé & Elsa volgden vanaf december de dreamcatching en conceptmakingsessies op. Deze zomer gaan ze met jullie aan de slag rond de fontein van Sint-Denijs in Vorst.

Park Poétik

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Park Poétik


12 - 16 July, 2023


14:00 - 19:00

Open ateliers – Re-Sources

Creation of a large collective mosaic by assembling everyone's artistic creations.

Mosaics composed from pieces of glazed tiles of various colors, then transposed using self-adhesive film to be glued and assembled on 8 panels arranged on an octagonal structure around the fountain.

The RE-SOURCES participative workshop is a creative space open to all, designed to bring light and color back to the Fontaine Ysborre, also known as the Fontaine Saint-Benoît, on Place Saint-Denis.

In the heart of the Forest Abbey district, full of springs, who could imagine that this fountain, so discreet and out of use today, was once such a lively place of exchange where people washed their clothes... and not just with their families!

This mosaic will reflect local cosmopolitan life through a collective work where everyone can contribute their ceramics to the edifice. And, of course, the fountain will return to its rightful place in the square!

On Place Saint-Denis, next to the fountain


  • Park Poétik Concept

    Water Seekers

    "Water Seekers" spotlights the liquid element and makes invisible water visible in our city. Throughout the summer, water will be the precious, binding material that brings us together during weeks of workshops in which everyone can participate. In the course of these workshops, a series of sculptures will be erected in public spaces, connecting Saint-Gilles and Forest like a stream.

    @ Marais WIELS | Yoann Desagher with Orfeo |
    from 5 to 9 July, workshops between 3pm and 6pm
    + op 8 juli, 20u30, WATER VIBE, performance | Celia Soto Moral e.a. |

    @ Place Saint-Denis | Elsa de Graef & Julie Chloé Degueldre |
    from 12 tot 16 July, open workshops between 14h and 19h

    TWoooooTER | KNEPH |
    @ Imprimerie | from 17 to 23 July, workshops from 9am to 4pm. (engagement for the total of 7 days, with inscriptions, free)
    We will also co-create a new legend for the city, in the form of a play. Want to take part in the co-creation week?
    @ Marronnier, near the Horse Chestnut in the high part of Forest Park |
    from 17 to 21 July, open singing workshops, 16h - 17h30
    Antukuyen FJtwo ceremonises Eau Sacré | Monica Lucaccioni | more info soon

    @ Square Charles Jordens (in front of la Vieille Chechette) | Jan Gordts & Marjolein Guldentops with MUS-E |
    from 24 to 28 July, open workshops from 1pm to 4pm

    @ Place Marie Janson | Catherine Pairoux & Philippe Cap with Amadeo Kollectief |
    van 9 tot 13 augustus, open ateliers tussen 15u en 18u.

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