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Park Poétik

Organised by

Park Poétik
Place Marie Janson


Place Marie Janson
1060 Sint-Gillis


8 July, 2023


15:00 - 18:00

UADM.TV, Cie t.r.a.n.s.i.t.s.c.a.p.e. Marie-Janson

An anatomy of movement
"Documentary motion device"

UADM.TV has been collecting physical testimonies since May 2022. You can take part in this great archive for an afternoon!
In a transparent caravan, part dance studio, part sound recording studio, you're invited to share the movement of your choice.
If you know a dance step, a body-building exercise, a gymnastic figure, a martial art gesture, a yoga posture... or any other movement you'd like to share, UADM.TV looks forward to hearing from you!

05/07 – Parc Marconi
08/07 – Place Marie-Janson

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