Park Poétik

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Park Poétik


Parvis Saint-Antoine, Vorst
Genuastraat 4, 1190 Vorst


24 August, 2022


13:00 - 17:00

Roller football

13h00 > 14h00
16h00 > 17h00

Football on rollerblades with the Shinobis riders
The non-profit organization Shinobis Riders aims to promote the practice of rollersoccer and to promote access to it for all.
riders + bike repair

  • Park Poétik Concept

    • Nest Saint-Antoine

      For two weeks, the Parvis Saint-Antoine will be animated by an eclectic programme open to all, with a special focus on women and children. Every day, come with your little ones (from 0+) to share a gentle moment: awakening the senses, movement, storytelling, in a cocooning atmosphere. For the older ones, there will be open and creative workshops, including engraving, painting, photography, and youyou songs, as well as convivial moments: street party and bbq.
      Throughout the day, keep your eyes and ears wide open as actors, clowns, dancers and other surprises will come and amaze you for the joy of young and old!
      To close these two weeks of madness: a big street party will be organised with activities proposed by local associations and residents.

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