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    Leon is the new dance community around choreographer Seppe Baeyens.

Park Poétik

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Park Poétik
in beweging


in beweging
Square Jordens

Location 2

Square Jordens
Montenegrostraat 4, 1060 Sint-Gillis


6 - 10 July, 2022


14:00 - 18:00

Atelier Léon with Seppe Baeyens & co

Discovering contemporary dance in 2022? Welcome to Atelier Léon in collaboration with Park Poétik, a participatory dance workshop for children, young people and adults aged 3 to 99. Seppe Baeyens and other artists invite you to express yourself through dance and movement by breaking existing expectations or models. Slowly but surely, new relationships and dynamics emerge. Dance experience is not required and you do not have to sign up. This is a foretaste of the Atelier Léon XXL on Sunday 28 August as part of Park Poétik.

Free and without inscripitions.

Poétik je mee?

6 – 10 Juli

Place de Bethléem, 1060 BXL
11h – 16h (woe, don, vrij)
13h – 18h (zat, zon)


  • Park Poétik Concept

    Nest Jordens

    Nest Jordens will give you a colourful experience this summer by titillating all your senses! Each day, one or more artists will work in an interactive and participative way with residents and passers-by around one of the five senses. The synesthesia will then vibrate, and you are invited each day to see, listen, smell, touch and taste, or even all five at the same time! 

    Together we will create our ideal street.Festive, harmonious and completely delirious! So, what is a poetik city for you?

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