27 August, 2022


15:00 - 18:00

Caterpillar Challenge

15:00 – 18:00 Atelier  « Caterpillar Challenge » – Yoris Van Den Haute / Les Ateliers D’Oranne (tout public, 30 – 40p par heure/per uur)

Directly inspired by the 1970s performance by George Maciunas of the Fluxus group, “Caterpillar Challenge” offers an alternative and participatory walk in anti-stress mode or assumed inertia. The “Caterpillar Challenge” is in fact a large loop several meters long, equipped with tentacle-like protrusions that end in gloves that invite passersby to shake hands as it passes. 

  • Park Poétik Concept

    Kiosk Poétik

    Cultuur voor allen in het Marconipark!

    The summer vacations are running on their last slippers so we're giving it another whirl! Welcome from August 26 to 28 to Kiosk Poétik 1190, in the beautiful Marconi Park in High-Vorst, where numerous strange birds invite you to open up all your senses. With creative workshops, street theater, acrobatics and (a lot of) music by artists from the neighborhood, there is a special atmosphere in Hoog-Vorst! Kiosk Poétik 1190 is an initiative of the Municipality of Forest, GC Ten Weyngaert, BRASS, Biblif and Bib Forest in the context of Park Poetik 2022.

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