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    J’Acaju, c’est le projet de trois amies qui aiment aller à la rencontre de l’humain à travers l’improvisation vocale polyphonique.
    Elles proposent des voyages sonores sur base d’un oracle des arbres.


    KNEPH (vzw) is een artistiek atelier waar via eigenzinnige reflectie en multimediale actie diepgaande artistieke processen kunnen gerealiseerd worden.

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    Women run Poetic Pandemonium • a space, a stage, a dream •

Park Poétik

Organised by

Park Poétik


Marronnier, Bovenaan in het Park van Vorst
Kemmelberg, Mont Kemmel Bushalte


5 - 26 August, 2022


Niet doorlopend
All Day

Nest Marronnier

This nature nest will be dedicated to the sick chestnut tree at the top of Forest Park.

Around the sick tree (protected by a chestnut fence for safety reasons), poetic and ritualistic interventions accompany its slow death while celebrating its life. This summer programme is the continuation of a process that began in the autumn of 2021, with the sculptor Charles Djeumou creating sculptures in the diseased branches. Through contact with the park's neighbours, many stories about this tree have emerged, creating a common narrative that we will continue to develop throughout August. Every Friday, at moonrise, a ritual evening accompanied by polyphonic songs will shake the night. From 21 to 26 August, a vigil around the tree will give rhythm to the park. On the programme: morning meditations, coffee-papote, creative workshops, performances, parades and a poetic cinema!

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