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1 July, 2022 - 4 August, 2022


All Day

Observatory Marais

The observatory is the habitat of a strange bird that invites us to observe its environment and the beings that walk around in it. It invites us to ask ourselves questions: What are they doing? How do they use this place? What do they say about the Marais?

For a period of one week, a strange bird lives there. A wicker structure, which functions as an egg-shaped shed, whose outer layer, called the cover, is interchangeable and will be the artistic creation of its resident.

Three beings will reside there, and will invite you to discover their universe and their way of seeing things. The observatory will change location each time and will invite you to make other observations. A new resident, a new place, another point of view, new observations.


Artists observatory

1.07 – 7.07   Observatoire Cycl.one
7.07 – 14.07 Observatoire Rebeca Fernandez Lopez & le BRASS (A cover created during a crochet workshop)
28.07 – 4.08 Observatoire Ramona & Rosa

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