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    Après plusieurs formations en théâtre et participation
    active à plusieurs pièces de théâtre, il s’est formé en
    arts du cirque de manière autodidactique. Avec ses
    compétences acquises tout au long de son
    apprentissage, il a décidé de créer des spectacles
    adressés a un large public, et d’ainsi lier le théâtre et le
    cirque sur des thème environnementaux et sociétaux.

Park Poétik

Organised by

Park Poétik
Marais, Vorst


Marais, Vorst
Luttrebruglaan, 1190 Vorst


5 - 9 July, 2023


17:00 - 20:00

Workshops with Yoann Desagher

The work aims to represent a character who links nature and plastic, to highlight the role of water in the cycle of life. The structure will represent a funnel-headed character made from totally recycled objects (fan-style).

The work will evolve over time, depending on the artistic contributions of the participants. It aims to highlight the role of water and its ability to give life in a world increasingly polluted by plastic.

The aim is to think about the importance of water and its impact on the environment. What is the impact of water pollution on the environment? What is the impact of plastic pollution on water?

  • Park Poétik Concept

    "Water Seekers" spotlights the liquid element and makes invisible water visible in our city. Throughout the summer, water will be the precious, binding material that brings us together during weeks of workshops in which everyone can participate. In the course of these workshops, a series of sculptures will be erected in public spaces, connecting Saint-Gilles and Forest like a stream.

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