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in beweging


in beweging


25 June, 2023


13:00 - 18:30

Parade Poétik

Summer is here!

Poétik je mee ? Participez ! …of beter… Stap je mee ? Paradez !

This year's Park Poétik theme is "What means together? / Ensemble c'est quoi? / Wat betekent samen?". so what better way than to get together with Zinneke, MetX & CC Brugel to kick things off with a big, collective, festive march to resonate art, music and joy: so let's mix it up and parade together!

The route? it's simple!

We'll start at Marais WIELS in Forest via Place Bethléem to march together to Place du Jeu de Balle to join the "Sounds of Marolles" music festival for the occasion "Fête de la Musique”.

The Zinneke then takes us to downtown and its wonders to finish at the Sainte-Catherine basins. This "Sortie Joyeuse" is a call to all Zinnekes to form a pack for next year's Zinneke Parade.

1pm @Marais WIELS (Forest)
3pm @Place Bethleemplein (Saint-Gilles)
4pm @Place du Jeu de Balle (Marolles)
6.30pm @Sainte Catherine (via Bourse)

As you can see, water is the common thread running through this Poetik Parade, from the Marais to the Marolles... all the way to the Bassins of Saint-Catherine in the centre!

This is a call for participation, just be yourself and join the festive parade ... together we make the city !

So mark the date of Sunday 25.06 in your diary! Let us know you're joining us via this form ... the more souls, the more joy!


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