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    …est un atelier de créations qui regorge d’expérimentations collectives stimulant l’imaginaire. Ces expériences créatives et artistiques sont encadrées de manière professionnelle par des artistes, des pédagogues et des artisans.

    … is een creatieatelier boordevol collectieve experimenten die de verbeelding stimuleren. Deze creatieve, kunstzinnige ervaringen worden professioneel omkaderd door artiesten, pedagogen en ambachtelijk vakmanschap.

Park Poétik

Organised by

Park Poétik


Parvis Saint-Antoine, Vorst
Genuastraat 4, 1190 Vorst


20 - 21 August, 2022


10:00 - 16:00

DouDou, de super knuffel

20/08 – 21/08

10h00-12h00 & 14h00-16h00

SuperDoudou the giant plusch

A new Imaginarium in the making. The unusual sculptures and artistic installations of our Imaginarium are poetic and fascinating. They have something incomprehensible and intangible, but at the same time, everyone sees something different in them. The Imaginarium arouses your curiosity (and that of your target group) and awakens the imagination.

Creative workshop for parents and babies. You and your child are immersed in an adventurous animal world. In peace and quiet, we let children dream by imagining animal shapes. For them, it’s a celebration of color and form. It encourages musicality and psychomotricity. For parents, it is a moment of connection with their baby but also with other parents. The animator takes you into a universe that is both relaxing for the baby and fun and instructive for the dad and the mom. Because finding yourself in the first months of your baby’s life is a real challenge that we want to help you overcome.

SuperDoudou is a new concept from Amadeo Kollectif. It consists of different shapes of fluff. The arms of an octopus, the shell of a turtle, the body of a tiger, the wings of a butterfly and a parrot, the ears of a rabbit, the tail of a squirrel, etc. ….Fantasy is never too crazy. When babies doze off, parents can find their creativity in embracing their baby with the shapes. When the babies are awake, we can dance with them, and touch the leather fabrics.

  • Park Poétik Concept

    • Nest Saint-Antoine

      For two weeks, the Parvis Saint-Antoine will be animated by an eclectic programme open to all, with a special focus on women and children. Every day, come with your little ones (from 0+) to share a gentle moment: awakening the senses, movement, storytelling, in a cocooning atmosphere. For the older ones, there will be open and creative workshops, including engraving, painting, photography, and youyou songs, as well as convivial moments: street party and bbq.
      Throughout the day, keep your eyes and ears wide open as actors, clowns, dancers and other surprises will come and amaze you for the joy of young and old!
      To close these two weeks of madness: a big street party will be organised with activities proposed by local associations and residents.

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