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    …est un atelier de créations qui regorge d’expérimentations collectives stimulant l’imaginaire. Ces expériences créatives et artistiques sont encadrées de manière professionnelle par des artistes, des pédagogues et des artisans.

    … is een creatieatelier boordevol collectieve experimenten die de verbeelding stimuleren. Deze creatieve, kunstzinnige ervaringen worden professioneel omkaderd door artiesten, pedagogen en ambachtelijk vakmanschap.

Park Poétik

Organised by

Park Poétik
Marais, Vorst


Marais, Vorst
Luttrebruglaan, 1190 Vorst


1 July, 2022


15:00 - 19:00


With Fujinn we bring art to people in a very accessible way. We create musical freedom and show that everyone is capable of playing music. Rhythm is a key element in this. It creates a certain vibration. It evokes a sense of liberation. We can do a lot with the theme Funny Birds that you have chosen. 

By playing together, the audience will also listen to each other. Together, the musicians in the audience compose harmonious melodies. Instruments and rhythms support each other. Everyone has the opportunity to be heard.

  • Park Poétik Concept

    Nest Marais

    Marais WIELS, a green oasis behind the industrial buildings of the former Wielemans brewery. A place much coveted by its neighbours and winged residents but soon to be subject to public works. Through artistic interventions, we want to strengthen the dialogue around the co-management of this place. We focus on the co-relation between man and nature.

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