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Park Poétik
Square Jordens


Square Jordens
Montenegrostraat 4, 1060 Sint-Gillis


18 - 23 July, 2022


13:00 - 18:00

Radio Mboté

From Monday 18th to Saturday 23rd July, Radio Mbote will come to Nest Jordens to collect words, testimonies, sounds… every day. From 1pm to 4pm the radio will work on themes in the neighbourhood to present a live show from 4pm to 6pm every day. During this open stage, we will talk about dance and music, wild food, the Nest Jordens, the artists who participated in the project in the neighbourhood and people who live or work near Montenegro Street!

Launched on 30 June 2013, Radio Mbote aims to give a voice to the African community. The word Mbote, which means “hello” in Lingala (a language spoken in the Congo Basin), is used here as the link between Africa and the host country(ies). Sharing is the key word of the media and therefore all suggestions and proposals for collaboration aimed at the development of Radio Mbote are ardently desired and welcome.

(In French)

  • Park Poétik Concept

    Nest Jordens

    10/07 – 23/07

    Nest Jordens will give you a colourful experience this summer by titillating all your senses! Each day, one or more artists will work in an interactive and participative way with residents and passers-by around one of the five senses. The synesthesia will then vibrate, and you are invited each day to see, listen, smell, touch and taste, or even all five at the same time! 

    Together we will create our ideal street.Festive, harmonious and completely delirious! So, what is a poetik city for you?

    Meer Nest Jordens

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