Marais, Vorst


Marais, Vorst
Luttrebruglaan, 1190 Vorst


4 August, 2022


Fighting animals you have everywhere. There are wrestling beetles, screaming koalas, murderous chimpanzees and scratching cats Anyone who has ever seen giraffes fight knows that even these gracious grazers can put up a crackling fight. But what is play and what is battle? Which animal gives us the rules for a fair duel? And when do you, as humans, engage in combat?

Discover it in STRIJD: a playful mix of musical theatre and biology that puts the fighting spirit in the animal kingdom under the microscope. Tim Hammer and Mirthe Dokter engage in battle on the floor. Through the fascinating fauna, they celebrate the conflict. Because without battle there is no love.

Met STRIJD bouwen Tim Hammer en Mirthe Dokter voort op de door hun gevonden inspiratie in het dierenrijk. In 2016 maakten ze De Balts, een komische voorstelling over het baltsgedrag die speelde op o.a.  erol, Zwarte Cross, Noorderzon en Pop Arts Festival. STRIJD is de nieuwe voorstelling van Tim Hammer en Mirthe Dokter in coproductie met Feikes Huis, KASKO en Common Ground common Sense. De productie wordt mede mogelijk gemaakt vanuit het Fonds Podiumkunsten.

Performers/makers: Tim Hammer en Mirthe Dokter
Concept, text, music and performance: Mirthe Dokter and Tim Hammer
Final stagedirection: Annechien de Vocht
Dramaturgy: Pol Eggermont
stage fighting advisor: Erica Bilder
Publicity advisor: Martine Hoppen
Material advice: Sjoerd Wagenaar
Photography: Erik Franssen



  • Park Poétik Concept

    Nest Marais

    01/07 – 04/08

    For one summer, the "Drôles d'Oiseaux" will be added to the already rich and present bird population of the Marais Wiels, a former industrial wasteland nestled a stone's throw from the Gare du Midi, where nature has been reinvited over the years around a lake. Through artistic interventions, both visual and performative, these beings - flying or out of the ordinary - will engage in a dialogue on the human and non-human cohabitation specific to this place, which is so precious for its neighbourhood.

    Meer Nest Marais

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