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Park Poétik

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Park Poétik
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on the move


7 July, 2022


16:00 - 17:30



The children, teenagers and seniors who take part in specific courses or activities throughout the year meet once a year (in spring) in the streets of Forest and Saint-Gilles to present their creations during a parade. This initiative allows the socio-cultural operators to unite around a common intergenerational project, to decompartmentalise places and audiences, and to present what has been done during the courses and activities. The "paradeurs" are the participants of the courses and workshops organised in the different places and associations of Forest and Saint-Gilles.


"The extraordinary legend of the magical creatures of the Fantastic Marais."

Do you know the story of the swamp behind WIELS and BRASS? It is said that more than 10 years ago, someone dug a hole instead of building a wall on the exact spot where an underground water reserve used to be, causing the body of water that we now call Wiels Marsh to spring up from the ground.

MLess well known is the fact that this unlikely combination of events, probably combined with the creative waves emanating from the surrounding buildings, gave rise to some crazy and colourful creatures unique to this small piece of land... Very little is known about these rather secretive species. Unless you keep your eyes firmly fixed on the sky or on the ground, you are unlikely to see them in your daily life. However, in spring, the marsh animals leave their hiding places to strut their stuff in style.

CRU + scraboutcha + MetX + Samba Résille + BRASS + Maison en Plus + CRU Hors les muren

  • Park Poétik Concept

    Nest Marais

    Marais WIELS, a green oasis behind the industrial buildings of the former Wielemans brewery. A place much coveted by its neighbours and winged residents but soon to be subject to public works. Through artistic interventions, we want to strengthen the dialogue around the co-management of this place. We focus on the co-relation between man and nature.

    Meer Nest Marais

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